New Account Request

If you haven't already, please read the account request signup How-To. It provides valuable explanations for how to correctly request your account.

The Research Computing Group at Harvard's Faculty of Arts and Sciences provides a variety technology services to support Harvard's research community including:

  • Cannon Cluster Access
  • Instrument Scheduling and Payment through SPINAL
  • Lab Group Data Storage

Please note that due to the shared nature of the FASRC cluster and its associated storage systems, FERPA blocks for specific individual information cannot be accommodated within the cluster and its associated systems. Information such as, but not limited to, name, username, and lab affiliation may be available to other cluster users. Please contact FASRC if you have questions or concerns.

Since some of the services you need require payment, training, or both, you will also be asked to provide sponsorship information.

If you have a Harvard Key, RC considers you an "Internal User". If you do not have a Harvard Key, RC considers you an "External User" and will require an additional review step before an account can be created.

If you have an existing account or pending account request, do not sign up again.

To add a group to your account see Add Grants (
To modify your existing account, please contact FASRC ( ).