New Account Request

If you haven't already, please read the account request signup How-To. It provides valuable explanations for how to correctly request your account.

If you already have an RC account, you do not need to fill out a new request in order to gain additional access to cluster resources, Spinal instruments, etc. For additional access, send in a ticket to rchelp

The Research Computing Group at Harvard's Faculty of Arts and Sciences provides a variety technology services to support Harvard's research community including:

  • Odyssey Cluster Access
  • Instrument Scheduling and Payment through SPINAL.
  • Lab Group Data Storage

Since some of the services you need require payment, training, or both, you will also be asked to provide sponsorship information.

If you have a Harvard Key, RC considers you an "Internal User". If you do not have a Harvard Key, RC considers you an "External User" and will require an additional review step before an account can be created.